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Worried about getting sleep in parenthood? 
Curious about infant development?
Anxious about feeding your baby?
Overwhelmed by an impending return to work?

Get the care you need to feel confident.

parents hold newborn sleeping twins


Looking for help with your newborn, nutritious postpartum meals, support for older siblings? A postpartum doula helps the whole family! 


Eager to get more sleep and excited to wake up to a clean home? Overnight hours can be critical for new parents to feel rejuvenated!


Schedule a free 30 minute session to discuss your growing family's needs and learn how I can support you in this time.


A postpartum plan outlines goals, roles and responsibilities after baby comes and allows you to focus on rest and bonding. Create a plan today!

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About Me

smiling caregiver, toddler with an apple

I provide the following services: 

  • Birthing parent care 

  • Newborn care education & support

  • Sibling support 

  • Lactation & feeding support (body-feeding, pumping, formula and everything in between)

  • Healthy meal planning & prep

  • Baby supplies setup and organization 

  • Laundry, light cleaning

  • Overnight support 

  • Referrals to local resources and support networks for parenting and postpartum recovery

Hi! I'm Jess (she/her), a certified CAPPA Postpartum Doula working in the NYC area to provide the care and support that families need in the postpartum months. My practice melds theory and practicality - I am eager to help parents understand their new addition and battle google overwhelm, and also to help the family adjust to the physical changes a newborn brings. Whether it’s understanding the reason for a baby’s cry or rearranging a space to support new rhythms, I am eager to work with families to translate their vision for parenthood into reality. I aim to increase confidence, support your parenting journey, and allow you to be beautifully present during this precious time. 

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